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Entrenamiento Personal

NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer

Entrenamiento personal individualizado o grupos reducidos. Especialista en escalada y trail running.


Infórmate sobre nuestro curso de montañismo puntuable en oposiciones.

Guía de Montaña

Técnico Deportivo MM (International Mountain Leader)

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The risks of physical exercise during confinement

We have already been confined for two and a half weeks and there have been many initiatives and proposals to maintain fitness. Some good, some not so good and others that directly carry a serious risk. First of all, I […]

Training in the park

Do you have a TRX? Find a tree to hang it and a bench and try out my new Skimble training session! I look forward to your comments 😉

Skimble's trainer spotlight: Miguel Gisbert

Meet Miguel Gisbert, Skimble's featured Trainer! He is an avid rock climber and Personal Trainer who splits his time between Spain and the UK. He speaks Spanish + English and loves to work with people from around the globe. We […]

Sports therapy for hypertension.

Many authors advocate sports as a treatment or aid to the treatment of high blood pressure. Some even postulate that the drop in blood pressure of hypertensive patients after sports practice occurs whether it is combined with a healthy lifestyle […]

Risks for the health of the ultra trail.

In this article we will review the main health risks posed by mountain ultramarathons. For this we have analyzed the data that we have considered most interesting from different studies in terms of physiological variables and modification of them in […]